Really coooool technologies... let's explore!


IBM PureApplication System

IBM PureApplication System is a hybrid cloud application platform for deploying application environments quickly and repeatedly for both on-premises and off-premises cloud landscapes.

We help our customers build patterns and customize their IBM PureSystem.

FlowFactor even offers a 24/7 remote management service for IBM PureSystems.


IBM Middleware

FlowFactor has a strong specialization in IBM Middleware management based on IBM WebSphere technology.

We provide Installation, Configuration, Automation, Troubleshooting and Tuning Services including 24/7 support as a service.


Automation & scripting

We automate everything using Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Python and many other open Source tools and software like Linux, Elastic, Redis, ...


Cloud agnostic

FlowFactor works Cloud agnostic. We embrace the technology of the main public cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Bluemix, Google, ...) and help customers to board the cloud.



We embrace innovation by continuously investigating in new technologies driving the IT landscape like Blockchain technology (hyperledger fabric) Containerization (Docker), ...